Month: July 2020

#TuesdayTips Staying Covid Free

There are new confirmed cases of Covid-19 almost daily. Do your part in staying covid-19 free.

–Artwork: Vernon Tong – Where Are You Going?, 1959

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#MakeArtMondays | String Puppet

Today’s #MakeArtMondays we’re featuring a string puppet. One great thing about making tissue paper roll puppets is that you’re showing your children how easy it is to recycle and reuse packaging: empty tissue paper rolls create the bodies of these DIY puppets.

To read more on string puppets, visit the link in the caption.

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(Parental Supervision Required)

#MakeArtMondays | Paper Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are small, ball-bearing devices that the user can rotate between his or her fingers. The momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience, according to user reviews, while the challenge of tossing, transferring and twirling the spinners has spawned an entire universe of instructional YouTube videos.

We have created a simpler version using paper and other materials you can find around the home.

To read more about it, visit…

(Parental supervision is required)


MBCC Virtual Summer Workshop


In the spirit of Jamaica and its people in their full historical and cultural glory, the Montego Bay Cultural Centre is pleased to present its Virtual Summer Workshop. Our objective is to encourage the creativity and imagination of our youth by allowing them to explore ideas through the creation of craft projects from the comfort of their own home.

We aim to encourage creative and critical thinking skills virtually by using various aspects of Jamaica’s natural and material history and culture. Designed for youth ages 7- 12, our activities will guide and encourage youth to cultivate a sense of community through empowerment, perception, identification, and creative expression.

Activities will begin on August 10,2020 and each child will be required to submit their completed project by Friday of the same week. Submissions will be reviewed and scored. The child with the highest score wins and will be announced on the first day of the following week before the project is announced.


#TBT ‘Spiritual Yards’ – Selections from the Wayne & Myrene Cox Collection Exhibition

#ThrowbackThursday An enthused little visitor, enjoyed beating the drums at the opening reception of ‘Spiritual Yards’ – Selections from the Wayne & Myrene Cox Collection Exhibition at National Gallery West.

Visit for more highlights from the opening reception.
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#MakeArtMondays |Paper Weaving

This #MakeArtMondays we’ve brought to you another simple craft using paper! Paper weaving is a craft in which thin strips or sheets of paper are woven together to create textured, durable, and colorful new creations. Another fun activity for the family to partake in!

#TBT Affirmation Artist Talk


Affirmation’ artist talk with artist, Kimani Beckford alongside guest panelist,Dr Shani Roper, @ National Gallery West July 2019.

Launched in May 2018, The Dean Collection 20 St(art)ups was established to support visual artists by providing funds to aid in their career development through the staging of their own exhibitions as well as aiding their participation in art fairs or other group shows. Open to artists worldwide Swizz Beatz worked with a curatorial team of over a dozen people to select 20 artists, each of whom would receive a grant of $5000. In June 2018 the winners were announced and Jamaican artist Kimani Beckford was one of the 20 selected. Beckford went on to stage his first solo exhibition entitled Affirmation at the Jamaica Conference Centre in partnering with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission to showcase 30 paintings. This exhibit at National Gallery West is a selection of ten of those paintings and serves to further the Dean Collection 20 St(art)ups, the drive which exposed Beckford’s work to a larger audience.

Beckford’s paintings are his attempt to subtly pay homage to Black icons, as a reminder of their presence and recognition in contributing to what he calls “Affirmation – the preservation of our presence through imagery”. Youth and afrocentricity are represented in an auspicious way through his medium of choice. Magnifying the confidence and ambition of his subject matter contrary to the quintessential poor portrayal of black imagery.

#MakeArtMondays | Painting with Tape

Hey All! We’re back again with another #MakeArtMondays craft! Here’s another fun craft to make using simple materials such as paint, paper and tape. You can make an abstract angular painting using masking tape because the tape is used to guide the paint into perfectly straight lines, it is pretty for your kids to make.




Living with Covid-19


As we are still learning to adapt to living with Covid19, remember to continue to practice social distancing, wearing your mask and washing or sanitizing your hands regularly. We all have a responsibility.
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Osmond Watson – Horse Head Masquerade, 1970 (detail)