Month: September 2020

Tuesday Tips: Staying Covid-19 Free

Practice social distancing when you’re heading out for your essentials and when you’re at work.

Artwork: Mallica ‘Kapo’ Reynolds – “All Women are Five Women” 1956

An Introduction to Distance and E-Learning

‘An Introduction to Distance and E-Learning for Museums’ being put on by the Museums Association of the Caribbean. 

ONLINE WORKSHOPS AND WEBINAR SERIES Part Two: An Introduction to Distance and E-Learning  – Wednesday, September 9, 11 AM-1 PM EDT

About the Webinar – Education is at the heart of most museum missions and learners of all ages represent a core part of on-site attendance. But what if you’re eager to learn and not able to make it to the museum? Whether to overcome challenges of affordability, geography, or pandemic closures, it’s time for institutions to consider how digital advancements can help them to expand opportunities for learning and engagement beyond the museum. This webinar will introduce the spectrum of distance and e-learning opportunities and will highlight various digital initiatives that museums have put in place for inspiration, with examples from the Caribbean. After the presentation, participants will have the chance to ask questions and share their own thoughts and ideas.

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