#MakeArtMondays | Painting Planets

Kids love arts and crafts, experimenting with different colours and techniques and that’s what we explore in this week’s craft. Painting with paintbrushes, sponges and sometimes fingers! Just have fun with it!

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#MakeArtMondays | Tracing Boards

This week’s craft will help develop your child’s motor skills, precise grip skills, eye-hand coordination and the ability to concentrate. The board gives possibilities to learn through play in many different ways.

*Parental Supervision Required

Track: Patience by Jay Someday

#MakeArtMondays | Dice Games

We’re back again! Who doesn’t love a good game using dice! I’ll be making a series of these crafts over a period of time. Enjoy!

*Parental Supervision Required


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#MakeArtMondays | Paper Wallet

These paper wallets are a fun way above all else, to facilitate children’s understanding of the concept of money. Considering what financial literacy looks like in our country, it’s never too early to start. With wallets, kids count and organize their dollar bills, save them until they’re ready to make their purchase.

*Parental Supervision Required


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#MakeArtMondays | Emoji Mood Card

Mood cards are a fun way especially for your kids to express how they’re feeling if they don’t necessarily want to vocalize the way they’re feeling.


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#MakeArtMondays | Rubber Band Bracelet

We’re back with another #MakeArtMondays post. This week we’re featuring rubber band bracelets. This is a very simple craft idea that can be shared as a gift to a friend, you could make matching bracelets or wear it as a fashion statement.

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