Virtual Summer Workshop Meet the Team

Hello everyone. Meet the team behind the Virtual Summer Workshop.
Our annual summer workshop was unfortunately affected, as many industries have been by Covid-19. In an effort to continue to give back to the community especially those who support and look forward to our yearly engagements, we decided to recreate our summer workshop and provide a virtual experience in light of the pandemic.
We value the efforts of providing you with an experience that was certainly incomparable to any we’ve ever had as well as the efforts of those that participated. We enjoyed each tutorial that we made and we hope that you had as much fun as we did in completing each project.

From all of us at National Museum West and National Gallery West, we hope that you continue to strive to reach your ultimate creatively unique self.

We thank you for your involvement and we hope to see you again next year.


Announcement: Virtual Summer Workshop Project 1 Winner.

Congratulations to our ‘African Mask Off’ WINNER Yolaini Magalhães!

Thank you to all the other participants who submitted their African Masks, judging was very hard.

We look forward to the submissions for Project 2!

MBCC Virtual Summer Workshop – Project 1 – ‘African Mask Off’

CRITERIA: – Your ‘African Mask Off’ MUST have the following:

1. Eye Holes.

2. Used AT LEAST 3 different materials.

3. Mask must cover at least half of your face.

4. Shows high level of individuality and creativity (make it your own)

5. Submitted Work by 5pm on Friday, August 14, 2020 via email:

*Parental Supervision Required*


Have Fun!

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