#TBT | Maroon Trail Tour

In honor of Children’s month, today’s #TBT features highlights from our Children’s Summer Workshop field trip to Flagstaff, St. James. As part of National Gallery West and National Museum West’s past summer workshop programs, we have always incorporated field trips to broaden the scope of learning for our groups by having them experience other historical landmarks and spaces. In the summer of 2019, we took a trip to Flagstaff in the cockpit country for a guided tour highlighting the the Maroon and British occupation, which also featured indigenous foods, as well as highlighting the importance of the cockpit country regarding biodiversity and preservation. We were given the tour down the Maroon trail by Chief Michael Grizzle.


#TBT – Youth Engagements

As the pandemic continues to negatively impact our economy, we can’t help but to look forward to a future that will bring us close to moments like our throw back highlights. We do miss engaging with the youth of our nation in various fun filled and educational ways and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!