#TBT – Photography Exhibition

National Gallery West hosted an exhibition focused on photography and video featuring artists from Jamaica and the diaspora. This exhibition opened to the public in May 2019. The exhibition featured photographs by Rose Murray, Berette Macaulay, Phillis Galembo, Paul Stoppi, Wade Roden, Nadia Huggins, Archie Lindo, Marlon James, Albert Chang and Robin Farquharson.

#TBT | Opening Reception of ‘Spirit of Budhai’

Today’s throwback features highlights from the Opening Reception of the ‘Spirit of Budhai’ exhibition which opened on November 17, 2019. The exhibition explored the works of Cuban born artist, Neville Budhai (1928-2001) which was curated by National Gallery West’s very own Assistant Curator, Monique Gilpin as her first major curatorial project.

The opening reception saw a slew of patrons who were quite elated to view the artistry of a man many, remembered to be a very humble and insightful individual . He created colourful interpretations of past and present Jamaican life, most of which were sublimely outlined with Indian ink and eventually saw himself as a full-fledged Jamaican.

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