#MakeArtMondays | Lenticular Valentine’s Day Postcard

Hi all! Our #MakeArtMondays series went on a hiatus for a while but we’re back with our first craft to kickstart 2021! We’re approaching valentine’s day and what better way to show your loved ones extra special love this season than to gift them with something special. For this series, we show you how to create a lenticular valentine’s postcard that you can create using materials around your home.

To read more on lenticular images, visit the link below:


Seasons Greetings!

This may be a year unlike all others, but there is no reason why we cannot enjoy the holidays while looking after our own and our loved ones’ health and well-being.

Artwork: Osmond Watson – Morning Song for Jah (1991), detail.

#TuesdayTips | Mental Health Awareness

#TuesdayTips ● We are in an era where we are infront of a screen for extended periods of time which can be stressful. Between online learning and zoom meetings, it is good to take breaks. Make time to step away from cyberspace. Get some fresh air. Check in with yourself.

Artwork: Neville Budhai, ‘Dwelling House, Hart & Barnett Street, 1972 detail.

#TuesdayTips | Staying Covid-19 Free

#TuesdayTips ● Just reminding you to social distance and to wear your mask when you’re in public. This is not just for you, but for others as well.  

Artwork: Osmond Watson – City Life, 1968 (detail)

#TuesdayTips | Mental Health

#TuesdayTips ● Don’t forget to check in on your loved ones every now and again. We are all going through alot and a simple  conversation may very well put our minds at ease.

Art: Errol Lloyd Atherton – Untitled (figure), 1992